Your Truck Is Your Mobile Home – Take Care Of It

When you’re a truck driver, you spend more time driving the truck than you spend at home. Some people are born for this kind of life and they enjoy the thrill and the pleasure that it brings. However, for making sure that you always return safely back at home, you need to do at least a few things before you get up behind the wheel.

Taking care of your truck is extremely essential, not only because you spend so much time on it, but also because you drive it for long distances on different kinds of roads.

drivers-menuThe trucks function exactly like any other car, the only difference being that they are bigger and harder to handle by an inexperienced driver.

Here’s what you need to do to keep your truck in a functioning state.

Maintaining the Truck

Making a regular maintenance is the key to making sure that your truck functions perfectly. As you surely know, there are some things in the vehicle that need a constant replacement. Some have to be changed after a certain number of miles, others after a certain time has passed while others simply have to be changed when it’s needed.

The regular maintenance will make sure that you have the oil changed for the engine, along with the needed filters that the vehicle functions with. This will make sure that the engine works properly, and the fuel consumption is lower.

Apart from this, the regular maintenance will also tell you if there are other parts that need to be changes. Of course, any truck driver knows a lot about mechanic, so if you’re an experienced truck driver, you’re going to know beforehand what the truck needs to have changed.

Update the Insurance

truckerapp_2.001-343x343In some cases and for some trucks, it’s not enough to have only the mandatory insurance, also known as the compulsory MTPL, but you can also have an insurance providing full protection from damages, also known as CASCO – an acronym for Casualty and Collision.

The MTPL is mandatory and it has to be done by every vehicle that runs on the public roads, while the CASCO is optional, and it covers different damages, like vandalism, collisions, theft or burglary, but also weather incidents like storms, floods or even fire.

If you’ve got a truck that is new or less than 10 years old, you can ask for a CASCO from any insurance provider. They will evaluate your car and they will determine a sum of money that you have to pay each year for this kind of insurance. In case you have an incident and you request the money for fixing or repairing the car, the insurance company will give you back the sum that the truck was evaluated for.

Respect the Tachograph

Truck-Driver1Every truck driver knows the rules and regulations of driving a truck on public roads. For making sure that these rules are respected, the companies have two options – they use two drivers for the same truck at once, to make sure that the cargo is delivered on time, or when there’s no hurry, they ask them to respect the tachograph.

The tachograph is that device that is installed on the big vehicles to see the speed that the vehicles has run with and the resting time. Usually, they have to respect a four hours driving period alternated with a four hours resting period.

If the truck drivers respect these requests, they will avoid getting too tired from a long period of driving and the vehicle will also be used according to the regulations.